March 21, 2018

-Page 354-355 #6, 8, 10 (please write out the equations)

-revise math poems and Ahmed/Mohammed question

-plickers quiz tomorrow 

-Science project due

-Geography: Page 26 questions 1-2 

march 19,2018

page 19 questions 1-3 in history

THINGLING due tomorrow 

art tomorrow

no math homework

March 8, 2018

Math-Page 354 1-4

Twin Day !!!

Dodgeball Tournament

March 5, 2018

Math homework: page 349 # 1-3 for practice.  Here is a link to support your learning: https://www.khanacademy.org/math/arithmetic/arith-review-negative-numbers/arith-review-sub-neg-intro/v/adding-and-subtracting-negative-number-examples 
(look through the whole lesson timeline and try the practice questions to support and enhance your learning goal of subtracting integers).

Use this site to for tiles if needed: https://technology.cpm.org/general/tiles/

geography page 7 questions 1 and 3

art tomorrow

March 1

-page 343 # 1-6 you can print out number lines here


Representing and adding integers quiz tomorrow

Science projects

February 28

Drama presentations ongoing

Science-1-7 pg.234

February 27

Science notebook due tomorrow 

february 26

 math- 335 numbers 1-5 and slides 

finish science notebook [experiments] by wednesday 

bring 2$ for the dodge ball

February 22 and 23

Science sheets (If not finished).

Make partners for science project.

February 21

-Page 328  #1-7 (finish up what you did not complete in class).

February 20


Pg. 325- You can use the glossary to define the words but please record the page number in the chapter that he definition can be found.  Put an example of each one after the definition

  1. positive number:

  2. negative number:

  3. integer:

  4. positive integers:

  5. negative integers:

  6. opposite integers:

  7. zero pairs:

February 15 and February 16

-Drama presentations and book talks

-Health slides

-Music Presentations start March.

February 14

- Science sheet

- Drama and book talk presentations

- Health slides

- History questions 1-3 pg 105

- Gym clothes tomorrow 

 Happy Valentine’s Day! 

February 13

-Math tessellations

-Science Questions

-Papers for Mme. Barrington if you haven't handed them in

-Oral Book Talk

-Subtext Drama

Health Assignment

Whoever is updating the website needs to remember to do it. Please and Thank you.

February 12

-Math textbook page 268-269 # 1,3,7 and reflect

-create your tessellation piece


-Oral Book reports

-Drama presentations

-brown envelopes/ get signed 

-finish jokes for IAM 

-Linking/embed geogabra

-test signed for French

February 8

-Math textbook page 268-269 # 1,3,7 and reflect

-Finish your transformation tile (see example in email)

February 7

-Create health slides

-Book talk Monday 

-French questions and corrections 

February 6

-Review 2 Cartesian Plan slideshow sent to you in email

February 5

-Finish Math sheet if not finished

-Finish Storyboard for subtext

February 2

-Math-see your email-there are 6 questions (you need grid paper) 

-IT geogebra

-read your LA book

-upload stuff to your website

February 1

- Mathematics Page 264-265 #1-7 See this video for support https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RfEIKQpp3I

-IT geogabra 


January 31

-Math: Name alien, transformation worksheets

-History: page 100 #1-4

-read your books for the book report

January 30

-Science Questions 1-7

-Bring Gym Clothes

-Start Reding Your Book For LA

-Finish History Questions If Not Done

January 29 

-Math question pages 260 #1-4

-Practise for math test tomorrow

January 26

-History questions page 92 questions 1-3

-Math page 282 1-4

-Science test on Monday and science notebook check

-Fitness videos

January 25

-constructing triangles--> picture sent to you

-textbook work page 252 # 1, 2, 3, 5, 9, 10

-get math test signed 

-print the BW art 

-study for science test

-learning skills sheet

-science notebook check 

January 24

-Math page

-History Presentations tomorrow

-Fitness videos 

-Practice for Dictee

-Science test on monday 

January 23

-Math page that was sent to us on our Gmail 

-Fitness videos are due tomorrow if they are live and Thursday if they are recorded.

-Get your French douatang signed by your parents and finish any unfinished work. Unfinished work/redos are due on the 26 by 2:30.

-practice for le dictée #4

-Science test is on Monday and notebooks are due on Monday too.

January 19

-Math Questions Pages 257-258 1-5

-Dance Video Or Practice For Live Performance

-Practice For Subtext Drama

--Practice For Dictée #4

-Finish History research If you haven't already

January 18

-Math Triangle Sheet

-do the math slides If you haven’t done it yet

-Research Acts

-Print out an image for next art class

January 17

-math--> check your email, read through the slides on congruent triangles and create a chart for your notebook that organizes the rules for congruent triangles.

-history- research the acts 

-start filming dance 

-band in music 

January 16

-Math Quiz on Angles (identifying, measuring, estimating and bisecting with a Mira/compass/fold/protractor)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDXrY8E3bFs (bisecting angles with a compass) 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nysMOfPsAfI (compass)

-Think of moves for dance

January 15 

Practice for Dictee

January 12

Practice for French quiz

Math worksheet 

Science experiment worksheet

Prepare for subtext drama presentation 

Think of ideas for dance video

January 11

Bring headphones for french

Practice for French quiz

History Textbook Questions (pg 73-77, questions 1-3)

January 10

Bring headphones Friday for french


Math gingerbread house mesurements

Bring gym clothes

Bring headphones Friday for french

December 20


December 19 

Science Textbook questions 1,3,5,9

Math gingerbread house, bring cardboard

Math slides homework (pg. 108)

December 18

Finish math snowflake

2 dollars for dance

Friday December 15, 2017

Science test Monday

Complete math measurements (shared on google slides)

Complete IT storyboard

Wednesday December 13, 2017

-math pages 234-236 # 1-5 due tomorrow


Friday December 8, 2017

-Print pages for french if you haven't

-Answer math survey

-Finish Science Questions

-Read over Wonder assignment

Thursday December 7, 2017

-French print the pages, due tomorrow

Wednesday December 6, 2017

-math-solving quadrilaterals (staple Zine to it when it is handed in)

-Print for French

-food for food force...

Tuesday December 5, 2017

-Make a zine (sent in your e-mail)

-Bring food for food force

-Print French papers

-Finish science sheet (If not done)

Monday December 4, 2017

  • Bring food for food force

  • Complete science lab worksheet

  • Wonder movie trip NEXT MONDAY!

  • Bring tonnies for food drive

  • Read for 30 minutes

  • Check EMail for french homework

  • Coy is Thursday this week ONLY

  • -Rock Climbing TOMORROW (bring gym clothes)
  • Finish Science Worksheets If You Haven't Already (The Hot and Cold Water one and The Chocolate Chip one)


November 30
Bring Food Force food
French: Practique le francais avec Google Tr. and wordreference.com
IT: Finish embedding surveys and graphs

November 29
-Gulliver dines with mathematicians 
-food for food force
-science sheet
-if you are sending the DM assignment put it in:


November 27:
-Graphs and communication due tomorrow
-Finish science worksheet
-Read 30 minutes
-Sub text drama
-Rock Climbing TOMORROW (bring gym clothes)
-Wonder form due December 4th

November 24
-accurate graph, misleading graph and table of data for MONDAY

November 22

-health slides due tomorrow
-Rock climbing due NOV 23
Wonder due DEC 4
-Pencil crayons for history
-find stats for your math topic
-Science duotang check (make sure you have everything) and finish questions 1-7 but not 5 b)
(Page 300)

November 21
-Math Read 188-190, Answer # 1,2,4 and the reflection page 191
-ne pas de devoir
-Rock climbing due NOV 23
Wonder due DEC 4
-Pencil crayons for history
-Health Slides due THURS
-Science duotang check (make sure you have everything) and finish questions 1-7 but not 5 b)
(Page 300)

November 20
-Finish videos
-Have headphones for Wednesday and Thursday
-Science sheets (Ice melting sheet and Bill Nye)D

November 15
-Dress for the weather tomorrow @ SLSS from 9-11:15
-Sign your French Sheet
-Science page 293 #1,5,6,7
-Wonder Forms, Rock Climbing Forms

November 14
-MATH-circle graph worksheet and if you haven't tried it electronically
-Health Slides

November 13
-Do page 293 number 1,5,6,7 for science 
-bring a device if you have one
-finish the MMMR colouring page 

November 10
Health test
History test
French test
Reality show due Thursday 

November 8
-ne pas de devoirs en mathematiques 
-LASS all about me speech
- study for math quiz tommorrow on data management!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 7
    -get test and pumpkin communication rubric signed due tomorrow 
    -182 # 1,3,5 due for tomorrow 
-FRENCH- dernier pratique demain  
-SCIENCE-definitions if not done .

November 6
-Pumpkin glyph data graphs
-Prepare for French test
-1-7 in math textbook pg.176
-November 17 is a PD day
-November 16 and 17 are meetings
-Complete health sheet for tomorrow 
-Record down all of your math marks from this year in your ROA, Due Thursday

November 1
-Settlers of New France
-Pratique pour la dictee

October 31
-read 30 min
-finish/practice speeches
-Glyphs math reflections-->see the slides shared with you in RTMS mail
-bring Hutch twix bars or chips (JK)

October 30
-Skim over chapter 3

October 27
-Read 30 mins
-Practice Drama posture if not yet done.

October 26
-Science test tw.
-Math test tw.
-Read 30 mins
-Science hw. 1,2.3,8,9 page 56
Math, 15, 18,16 page 36

October 25, 2017
-get math test signed & reflection if not done!
-French regardez e-mail
-LA speech, read 30 min
-music practice chords
-art-think about landscape project
-science-study for chapter 2 quiz

October 24, 2017
-Art is due tomorrow October 25
-math test reflection, parent signature and either copy or print the math communication note-due Oct 25 (tomorrow)
-regardez your email (French)
-"all about me" 2 min 'bout your life 
-learn the chords for music 

OCTOBER 2, 2017
MATH complete the lyrics for your math song so that you can practice/film tomorrow.

October 20 2017

posted Oct 20, 2017, 1:25 PM by HasanA 76

Finish math work.
Read and bring book to school.
Finish science questions. (2.3)

October 18 2017

posted Oct 18, 2017, 12:26 PM by HasanA 76

Pratique les mois d’anne.
Math Khan Academy 
Music song

October 13 2017

posted Oct 13, 2017, 11:49 AM by HasanA 76

French: Practice your phrases
Math: Math song redone
La: History questions and read 30 mins
Gym: Clothes on Monday

October 10 2017

posted Oct 11, 2017, 4:50 AM by HasanA 76

Math: Mangahigh (optional)

October 4 2017

posted Oct 4, 2017, 12:11 PM by HasanA 76

Science trip tomorrow. Dress prepared.
Math worksheet due Tuesday.

October 3 2017

posted Oct 3, 2017, 11:48 AM by HasanA 76

Science: Finish worksheet 
Math: Complete song
LA: Read 30 mins and bring a book everyday 

September 28 2017

posted Sep 28, 2017, 12:03 PM by HasanA 76

French: count to 100.
Gym: bring clothes for Terry Fox run.
Math: write lyrics for song.
TT: Finlayson forms and money. Vaccine form.
Check email everyday.

September 27 2017

posted Sep 27, 2017, 11:50 AM by HasanA 76

LA: Read everyday and book for silent reading.
Science: Finish worksheet.
Gym: Bring gym clothes tomorrow.

Thursday September 21 2017

posted Sep 21, 2017, 11:22 AM by ElhamA 76

Science : Complete worksheet if not finished, due next class
Reminders: bring all forms back for their due dates.

September 18 2017

posted Sep 18, 2017, 11:25 AM by Mr. P Egan RTMS

LA Homework: Read everyday.
Math: some students have test tomorrow.

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